About Us

Mainstreet Associations bring together residents and traders, working in partnership to promote their local community by organising and supporting activities as well as sharing information, and providing a voice for people living in the area.

Mainstreet Associations have historically achieved lasting benefits for their regions’ social, economic and physical environments. The Semaphore Mainstreet Association Committee consists of up to nine volunteers representing residents and traders. It is a Working Committee that contributes to positive solutions and promotions of the area. The Committee meets monthly, or as required, to develop and coordinate activities.

The 2024 committee is made up of:

  • Gail Rogers – Xanadu Semaphore, Chairperson
  • Morgan Woolley – Habit Day Spa – Vice-Chairperson
  • Ashley Tippins – Xanadu Semaphore, Secretary
  • Emmanuel Politis – Semaphore Splash Apartments
  • Jaryd Osborne – Oslec Energy
  • Sue Blue – Semaphore Fine Art Framers
  • Kelly Wooley – Habit Day Spa
  • Paul Tippins – Resident

The overarching goal of the Semaphore Mainstreet Association is to promote Semaphore and the Semaphore Road retail precinct as a shopping and tourist destination.

Semaphore Mainstreet Association Inc. and its first committee were formed at a public meeting in February 1994 as a non-profit organisation with the following aims:

  • To build on Semaphore’s unique heritage
  • To foster business development and support our traders
  • To promote Semaphore through special events
  • To cultivate a distinctive Semaphore identity
  • To make Semaphore Road the heart of community celebrations
  • To act upon ideas generated through community and business engagement

The current Mainstreet Association is focusing on several present and future goals:

  • To Increase the profile of Semaphore Road and establish a brand identity for Semaphore
  • To increase the financial and human resources of the Mainstreet Association
  • To attract more visitors and tourists to Semaphore
  • To initiate or facilitate actions to encourage ‘best practice’ in small business in Semaphore
  • To create and attract more special events year-round
  • To ensure community participation

Semaphore Road has a very bright future mirroring its bright historical past. Semaphore Road continues to be an increasingly unique and popular shopping and dining precinct within the metropolitan area of Adelaide. Nowhere else is there a boulevard with the combination of:

  • a beach, jetty and family-themed amusement park and playground at one end of the street and an historical harbour with residential and business redevelopment opportunities at the other;
  • an historical heritage and streetscape;
  • a people-friendly environment;
  • a valued family-friendly ‘village’ ambience with resident and visitor attractions and personalised service (even the provision of bowls of water for dogs!);
  • a range of speciality, café, restaurant, food and service outlets;
  • a local cinema and;
  • a strong sense of place and community ownership.

If you have any enquiries regarding the Semaphore Road shopping
strip or Semaphore in general, please contact us by clicking here.