Semaphore Middern

South Australian artist Deb Sleeman, who created the Semaphore Middern, says midderns can be found along the South Australian coastline where Aboriginal people have lived in communities. There are approximately 30 to be found in South Australia.midden

The Semaphore Middern is located at the western (beach) end of Semaphore Road near the Time Ball on the corner of Semaphore Road and the Esplanade.
The Semaphore Middern sculpture uses four layers to express the cultural impact of people on the environment. The sculpture took 18 months to create. The  size and complexity of the bronze section was a challenge for Deb to create.
The Layers:
  • The surrounds represent the earth as it was. This includes the plants and the soil nearby.
  • The granite rock was sourced from Black Hill quarry and it was a discard. Also important to Deb that the rock was re-cycled!
  • Fishing nets, cultural artefacts, seeds and bones represent aspects of cultural communities.
  • Symbols of the growth of Semaphore as a vibrant sea-side community!
 Stop a few moments to look at the fascinating layers of the Middern and share Deb’s thoughts!