Semaphore Greek Cultural Festival











The Semaphore Greek Cultural Festival provides members of the community from all backgrounds with an opportunity to experience Greek culture, music, dancing and food in a family-friendly atmosphere.

The Semaphore Greek Cultural Festival is held at the Semaphore foreshore over two days every January. It is situated on the Semaphore Foreshore Park near the Semaphore jetty, in close to the children’s playground and the foreshore amusements.

The festival showcases and celebrates Greek culture and heritage within South Australia’s broader multicultural context. Many generations of local volunteers, including grandparents, parents and children, dedicate endless hours to make the festival a success from the initial planning to cooking traditional Greek food and sweets to serving hundreds of visitors attending the event. It is this community and family spirit that underpins the essence of the festival.

The two-day festival celebrates the Greek community and has been held on the Semaphore foreshore since 1985.

Live music is featured daily with traditional Greek dancing by local dance groups on both days.

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