War Memorial Clock Tower – The Semaphore Angel

The Semaphore War Memorial Clock Tower is a beautiful granite tower topped by a female figure representing Peace and is carved from Italian marble.

‘The Semaphore Angel’, as she is known, was unveiled in 1925. The granite tower replaced a temporary wood and iron arch over the entrance to the Jetty, which served as a Roll of Honour.

Bearing no names, but just the simple inscription, “In Memory of All Who Fell in the Great War, 1914-1918”. The Semaphore Soldiers’ Memorial stands at the shore end of the jetty.

The four-dialled clock with faces 4 ft (1.21m) in diameter, is unusual in that instead of the Roman numerals, each hour is marked by the numeral ‘1’. This gives the dial greater symmetry and a better background, and at night the face of the clock can be seen at a greater distance.