Former Fire Station

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15. Former Fire Station –

76 Hall Street

Former Fire Station

This attractive sandstone building, dating from 1881, was built for the Semaphore Fire Brigade. Fires were attended by steam fire engines and horse-drawn equipment. The tower on the right hand corner of the building supported a fire-spotting platform.

The Brigade had one steam fire engine, six hose reels, seven hand reels, four hose carts, two telescopic ladders and 1000 feet of hose. The horses were housed in paddocks behind and to the left of the Station.

Fire alarms were located on many street corners and in case of fire, one broke the glass and pressed the button, raising the alarm at the Fire Station. The duty fireman would go to the tower and spot where the fire was. The horses were brought in, harnesses suspended from the roof dropped onto their backs and off they went to the fire.

The semi-detached cottages opposite the Station were rented by firemen.

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