Former Police Station

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28. Former Police Station –

6 Semaphore Road

Former Police Station

Built in 1891 and designed by a South Australian Government Architect, it reflects the importance that the seaward end of Semaphore Road obtained during this period. The Semaphore Police Station operated as a satellite station to Port Adelaide. The original lockups are still intact adjacent to the main structure.

It was usual on Sunday afternoons for Sunday School teachers and others to take a stroll down the jetty. Larrikans often sat on the top rail, and would shiak the strollers. If caught by Sergeant Maloney, who then occupied the Station, they would receive a crack across the shins from his baton . The greatest fear of all, however, was that Sergeant Maloney would then tell their mothers.

Police operations ceased in 1966. The building was restored in 1996 and now functions as Cafe Saltwater. The original lockups are still intact and visible in the parking lot at the back of the building.

Former Police Station

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