Hearing Matters

Location: 104 Semaphore Road
Phone: 1300 731 710
Website: https://hearingmatters.com.au/







Why Hearing Matters…

We pride ourselves on our independence at Hearing Matters” states Jan Machotka, senior Audiologist, “meaning we are not aligned with or owned by any hearing aid manufacturers.” What does this mean for you? This allows you to choose any make and model of device from around the world. “We are not going to simply endorse one product to you but discuss all of the possible rehabilitation options and give you the final decision based on your own needs and preferences.” Hearing Matters also allow you to make your own final decision after a no-obligation one-month ‘real world’ trial in your own living environment. They believe this is the only way to make sure that you are getting the absolute best results possible and continue to adjust or trial different devices until complete success and satisfaction are achieved. “We do not pay commissions, ensuring ethical practice, affordable pricing and no bias,” says Mr Machotka.

Many happy patients have been pleased to share their positive experiences at Hearing Matters. They have been described as “the essence of courtesy, consideration and cooperation” by Mr C. Stacey. Mr P. Maslin has said, “it is a pleasure to deal with experts who know their products”. While Mr G Docking states being “impressed by their work ethic and pleasant, friendly attitude” and goes on to add “their unbiased, independent advice made my choices easy and informed”. Ms Y Tiss was also pleased with Hearing Matters for “the information about the range of hearing aids available”, adding that “it was given in a manner that was very helpful in deciding which option would suit my lifestyle”. Ms Tiss goes on to explain how she has been “very pleased with the hearing aid chosen” and that “I am happy to say the quality of my life has improved considerably”. Mr J Kaye has described Hearing Matters as “welcoming, helpful, informative, knowledgeable and totally professional, with outstanding client relations and service”.

Hearing Matters also believe in providing the best ongoing support, with 20 locations across both rural and metro South Australia. “We have Masters Degree University graduate clinicians, ensuring thorough knowledge and skill sets” explains Mr Machotka.

For a free test at 104 Semaphore Rd, with an unbiased opinion and trial of any device of your choice, call Hearing Matters on 1300 731 710.